I am a designer maker of innovative products.  Most of my design work materialises from direct creation with my hands. Ideas develop through playing and manipulating materials.  Computer aided design is used when necessary to help accelerate the process or is used for visualisation.

For me a design needs to have the right harmony of aesthetics and function for it to enter my living space where I can gain pleasure from its use as well as its appearance.  I draw from the emotional effect objects have on us. The tactile experience of an object and its role in creating a meaningful activity drives my design work.  My design sensibility aims to bring fresh, innovative and new interpretations to existing products.

My source of inspiration comes from the exploration of line and geometry found in architecture and design. The results are geometric formulations where symmetry is a dominant feature. My work unravels from geometric elements to create rhythms that are playful.  This often includes moments of symmetry and asymmetry that highlights asymmetry set as a frame.

My work spans from designing one off pieces for private clients as well as designing commercially.